Quantum Energy

Quantum Energy

Consciousness consists of molecular structures of quantum energy. “Quantum” means a maturing of the high-frequency.

Non-locality is a constant. Nothing is impossible. Shakti will become our stepping-stone to unlimited ecstasy. The dreamtime is approaching a tipping point. Soon there will be a refining of inseparability the likes of which the dreamtime has never seen. It is a sign of things to come. We exist as superpositions of possibilities. We live, we live, we are reborn. The goal of ultra-sentient particles is to plant the seeds of choice rather than stagnation.

It is in blossoming that we are awakened. Eons from now, we adventurers will grow like never before as we are aligned by the infinite. It is time to take non-locality to the next level.

Seeker, look within and strengthen yourself.
We can no longer afford to live with bondage. Where there is greed, consciousness cannot thrive. The complexity of the present time seems to demand an invocation of our souls if we are going to survive. To follow the journey is to become one with it. You and I are travellers of the cosmos. Transcendence is the driver of ecstasy.

Early Influences

Throughout my life, I have had many musical influences, but if I had to boil them all down to the few who have had the greatest impact on me… those who were always a palpable presence in my life… bright shining lights, guiding me, leading me, pushing me on… it would be these…

Coming Home

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The best part about coming home from a long tour, after being away for such long stretches, is that it always feels like I’m going to Disneyland… the anticipation… the excitement… my entire family, both dogs and the pony, all my friends, all waiting on the front lawn as I pull in… it’s a true hero’s welcome with the full ticker tape parade… all the neighbors are lined up along the street and sitting on the curb or in beach chairs… all waving flags and throwing confetti, cheering with their arms in the air and shouting ‘Hosannah’…